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Trivia game night hosted through Thrive program

by Sylene Argent

The congregations of Essex United Church and St. Paul’s Anglican Church joined forces again last Thursday evening to host a fun trivia and game night through the interdenominational and intergenerational program, Thrive: A Living Manual.

From the basement at Essex United Church, interested participants played an online trivia game. St. Paul’s Reverend Christine Brouillard-Coyle implemented the questions for the trivia game, ensuring there were a variety of topics, ranging from modern cartoons and recent summer flicks to classic TV shows, so the involved pre-teens, teens, and adults could all participate and enjoy the game.

Board games were also setup for the participants to utilize and enjoy, as well.

This was the third event the two churches hosted through the Thrive: A Living Manual for families program.

So far, Brouillard-Coyle said, participants in the program really seem to enjoy themselves and find the events to be energizing. “We have also had some good conversations.”

As part of the Thrive program, the churches offer a game or meal component, which helps set the stage so some serious discussions could take place in a safe and comfortable setting. Conversations are also being held on the program’s Facebook page, which have engaged many individuals.

Youth today , Brouillard-Coyle said, face different challenges, such a sexting or online bullying, “That did not exist when we were kids.” Parents should guide youth, but are learning about these challenges, never having experienced them.

Since the program has started a few months back, Brouillard-Coyle said a few other churches have reached out to learn about the program and the benefits it has for its participants. She hopes similar programs can be hosted in other areas.


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