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Unexpected culvert improvements will impact Essex traffic

by Sylene Argent

County Council received information at the August 15 meeting that the County Road 23 drain, at the Ninth Concession Road, will need to be replaced.

  The report to Council noted County workers inspect the culvert inventory through a comprehensive Culvert Inspection Program.

  The aforementioned corrugated steel pipe culvert was constructed in 1968. Through the Inspection Program, completed in 2010 and 2015, normal deterioration, with minor surface rust, was noticed. The culvert was deemed to be in fair condition, the report to County Council notes.

  Earlier this year, however, a shoulder surface failure was detected during routine road inspections, Tom Bateman, Director of Infrastructure Services/County Engineer, said, adding that temporary repairs were made.

  It was determined the cause the failure was a significant deformation in the steel pipe. He said immediate replacement is needed.

  The works are intended to occur during the fall of 2018. It is anticipated the work will take around four weeks to complete and will require the closure of County Road 23 while the work is being completed.

  The culvert replacement project was not anticipated and therefore not budgeted to be undertaken in 2018, however, it will be funded from the projected surplus in the 2018 Rehabilitation Program through the Year-End Forecasting. Given County Council’s lame duck status, leading up to the next municipal election, approval authority was given to the Chief Administrative Officer, Robert Maisonville.

  Council concurred with the recommendation.

  The culvert replacement project was awarded to the low tender submission, which was D’Amore Construction (2000) Ltd., for $488,370.00, plus HST, the report to Council notes.


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