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Wings Rehab Centre in need of feed

Photos submitted by Nancy Phillips, President and Animal Overseer, for Wings Rehab Centre. Pictured are the pelicans Wings has housed for the winter.

by Sylene Argent Wings Rehab Centre is need of feed for the animals and birds in its care, and its representatives are reaching out to the community for help.   Nancy Phillips, President and Animal Overseer, said Wings’ fish supply and pork heart supply, used for the raptors, has been cut off.   She explained that the facility where Wings typically gets its fish was closed due to the COVID-19 emergency. Currently, Wings has two pelicans in its care for the winter that need to eat smelt. The two pelicans hatched across from Pelee Island last year, she said, but seem to have been left behind when their parents left the area. They were likely too small to follow, she suspected. They were left to forage on their own, but it was felt the winter would prove rough for them on their own.   Wings has around two-weeks’ worth of fish for the pelicans, but is currently looking to connect with other fishermen to find other small fish, the same size as smelt, that the pair can eat.  

With supplies running low for cat food in some stores, and with other animal caregiving agencies also in need, Wings is currently looking for dry and wet cat food. This is the main food for many of the animals in its care, and is in low supply at the centre. Cat food is fed to the possums, cats, and skunks.   Also, Wings could use donations of fresh vegetables. Every day, volunteers chop up the veggies to make a salad for the rabbits, squirrels, and possums in its care. Every type of vegetable can be used, except for onions, tomatoes, and peppers.   Wings is also in need of bottled cleaning supplies.   Any help is appreciated. Those interesting in making a donation can call 519-736-8172 to make an arrangement or to learn more. Phillips said safety precautions are in place because of COVID-19. Those donating can drop items off on the bench outside of its Amherstburg facility and ring the bell to alert the volunteers, who will later retrieve the donation.   Monetary donations can be made by cheque or online through Canada Helps:   Wings is still accepting animals in need of care. To learn how to that is being handled, call the centre. Volunteers are not doing pick-ups currently, but the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society is helping Wings with that, Phillips said.     Wings is currently caring for around 300 animals and birds. That number can triple during busier seasons. Currently, it still has the birds and animals in its care that were housed for the winter, and are waiting to be released.

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