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Woodslee pays tribute to veterans 

by Garrett Fodor

“We will remember them.”

The community of Woodslee, the Woodslee Millen Group, and the Municipality of Lakeshore are continuing with their tradition of honouring veterans and their families.

On Sunday, members of the public, veterans, and area politicians gathered at the cenotaph located at Millen Park, to honour veterans and fallen soldiers ahead of Remembrance Day. The ceremony featured veterans and family members of fallen veterans, along with a moment of silence for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

This year, in front of wreaths, they laid hand-painted poppies from local schools and groups.

“A friend of mine saw stones painted with poppies at another cenotaph and we thought it would be a great way to pay tribute,” Donna Roubos, President of the Woodslee Millen Group, explained. “The stones were made by our friends Rick and Carolyn Fuerth, before they were distributed for painting. With our cenotaph here, it’s important to continue to honour our veterans and this initiative was a great way to continue to educate our kids.”

Roubos said she was extremely happy to see the reaction and the personalized touch to this year’s ceremony. She is grateful for the veterans and their families who came out to the Libro Community Centre at Millen Park.

“It’s really important because it allows us to take pause and to really remember and to learn from each other,” Lakeshore Mayor, Tracey Bailey, added. “Seeing the impact and taking a step further beyond the traditional wreaths was great, it’s just such a powerful moment to remember and to celebrate all of those [who] came before us and fought for us and gave us the freedoms that we have today.”

Bailey noted the importance of Remembrance Day, as someone who married a veteran and is part of a family of a veteran. She is proud Lakeshore is able to celebrate veterans in Woodslee, Belle River, and Comber. She thanked Roubos and the Millen Group for organizing and helping to put on the event.

Following the ceremony, attendees were able to enjoy refreshments and snacks, while also having the opportunity to connect and mingle with some of the veterans from the community. Both Roubos and Bailey thanked everyone for participating, and all who have served and continue to serve.


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