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Young athletes improve skills at EDHS volleyball clinic

by Adam Gault

Middle school students from Gosfield North Public School, Essex Public School, and Colchester North Public School, had tohe opportunity to up their volleyball game this past Friday evening, as coaches and players from Essex District High School (EDHS) hosted the second annual volleyball clinic.

  The high school coaches and athletes directed the young players through a variety of challenging and exciting volleyball drills during the clinic.

  Retired school teacher, and current EDHS volleyball coach, Izzy Oozeer, organized the clinic as a way to provide young volleyball players with a way to further enhance their abilities prior to entering high school, as well as allowing his own players to learn and demonstrate important coaching and leadership skills through directing the young players.

  “For me, it gives our players an opportunity to give back and puts them in a leadership role,” Oozeer explained. “They’re the ones who are demonstrating and running the drills. It’s a learning experience for them as players realize, sometimes, the coach’s job is a little more difficult than you think.”

  For many who started playing volleyball in their elementary school years, it is a lifelong sport, as there are a multitude of competitive and recreational leagues, at all ages and skill levels, available.

  It is through sharing this passion, that Oozeer hopes many kids will continue to be inspired to play the game that not just provides a multitude of health benefits, but also an incredible opportunity for social development and the making of lasting friendships.

  “There’s so many mixed leagues or adult leagues that you can get involved with no matter where you are, whether it’s in Canada or other parts of the world,” Oozeer said. “Volleyball is something I consider to be a lifelong skill, you can play at the beach, family reunions, wherever. It’s a skill that if you have it, it’s a good one to have.”

  Beyond building new volleyball skills and social connections, it’s a love for athletics and sport that the clinic’s organizer hope will be instilled in the students. It is a passion that can be carried with them throughout their lives.

  “If it’s a lifelong skill to keep you physically fit, that’s probably the best thing to do,” Oozeer explained. “There’s so many people that have the athletic ability and just don’t do anything with it, you wish they would continue and have fitness in their lifestyle.”

Although it’s uncertain at this time if another clinic will be held at EDHS, clinic organizers hope a similar event can be organized going forward.


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