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Youth Climate Action Committee members participate in first Earth Day clean-up

by Sylene Argent

Photos submitted

In celebration of Earth Week, members of the newly formed Youth Climate Action Committee took part in a community-wide Earth Day clean-up event on April 22, that urged residents to head out with their own household members to spruce up areas throughout the municipality and beyond.

  Councillor Sherry Bondy is part of the Youth Climate Action Committee, and noted the idea, since there is still a stay-at-home order in affect, was to work together from a distance.

  “The theme was, ‘together, but alone we can clean-up,’” she said.

	Photos submitted to EFP. Caroline Quick participated in the Earth Day clean-up from Colchester.

  Participants were urged to take a photo of their clean-up contribution, then upload it to #pitchin2021earthday, for a chance to win one of two gift cards to local businesses.

  Overall, Bondy was pleased there were 39 entries, with the event getting participation from around 50 individuals, as some headed out in family groups. Participants were urged to wear proper PPE, to be safe, and for youths to head out with an adult.

  All ages took part in the event.

  Volunteers, headed out to various areas, depending on where they lived or where they saw a need. Some participated in the event by choosing to spruce-up areas in Lakeshore and Kingsville.

  “There are always going to be people that don’t follow the rules and litter, but thankfully there are also good people who want to clean-up,” Bondy said.


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