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Colchester North students give the gift of music

by Sylene Argent

Before school let out for the Christmas break, the students at Colchester North Public School showed off their musical talent to friends and family members during the annual Holiday Concert.

  The Colchester North Public School’s Glee Club kicked off the event, with members showcasing their vocal prowess in the school gymnasium, which was specially decorated for the occasion.

  Parents, grandparents, and guardians sat in awe as all the students in each class at the school performed special renditions of their favourite holiday hits during the festive event.

  During the Holiday Concert, attendees enjoyed an array of performances. The grade eight, seven, and 5/6 students hosted instrumental sessions, the kindergarteners through to grade two students sang, the grade 4/5 and 3/4 classes provided acoustic guitar performances, and the grade three students performed with their recorders.


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