Goodfellows’ collection to spread holiday cheer

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

by Sylene Argent

Last Friday and Saturday, volunteers for the Essex Region Goodfellows spread-out throughout the municipality to collect donations for area individuals and families in need as part of the annual Newspaper Campaign.

  Annually, firefighters with Essex Fire & Rescue volunteer their time to take to the streets to collect the needed donations. The firefighters carefully collected the donations from passersby at various intersections through the municipality, in exchange for a speciality newspaper.

  New this year, the Essex Region Goodfellows had volunteers join the cause from the Essex OPP, the Essex 73’s, and Essex District High School. The volunteers forming the latter two groups collected the donations at various storefronts.

  All the funds collected through the two-day campaign will be evenly distributed to the Harrow St. Vincent de Paul, the McGregor St. Vincent de Paul, the Essex Salvation Army, and the Essex Area Food Bank. 

  The cheques to these service organizations will be presented this week, so volunteers with these local food banks can help provide assistance to area families and individuals in need in and around the holiday season.

  “Like the front page of the Goodfellow Newspaper this year says, ‘hunger knows no season,’” long-time Essex Region Goodfellows volunteer Wendy Pulleyblank-Cunningham said. “With the news currently reporting that Windsor-Essex has [some of the] highest rates for children living in poverty, the need for safe and healthy food is transparent. That is the mandate for the Essex Region Goodfellows, to provide food for the needy.”

  The 2018 Essex Region Goodfellows Newspaper Campaign collected $12,000 for each of its beneficiaries. It is hoped this year’s campaign was just as successful.

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