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Hop like a bunny: 2nd Cottam Scouts provide Easter entertainment to Country Village

by Sylene Argent

Heading into Easter, members of 2nd Cottam Scouts held their meeting last Tuesday evening outside Country Village, as a way to entertain the residents inside.

  With residents facing lockdowns, the local Scouting group took the opportunity to host their meeting outside the facility, where they played games, created crafts, and hopped around with the Easter Bunny, all while wearing the bunny ears and whiskers they made at their previous meeting.

Cub Scout Leader, Fay Lawn, explained the residents were able to watch the young Scouts interact and make Easter-themed crafts. The crafts were then taped to the windows, so the residents could enjoy them. Later, they were forwarded to Country Village in an Easter Basket, where they sat in quarantine for a few days, before landing into the hands of the residents for Easter Morning.

  “We wanted to show support to this community. Country Village is in our [Scouting] catchment. We are aware of the challenges at nursing homes,” Lawn said. “We have a lot of heart in Cottam. We have a wonderful group. We are very fortunate.”

The Beavers with the group made the Easter-themed crafts and the Scouts handmade cards to go with the gifts.

  The 2nd Cottam Scouting group has been hosting its meetings outdoors, as a COVID-19 safety precaution. Lawn said hosting the meetings has been a wonderful experience. The youths dress warm to participate in activities. Parents, she said, have been grateful for the opportunity to get their children outdoors and away from screens.

The local Scouts are now working on their Kub Kars, for an upcoming internal club race. Lawn said the regional meet was cancelled, but the Club found a way for the members of 2nd Cottam Scouts to participate in a small scrimmage amongst themselves. This will give them not only an opportunity to compete, but to go through the learning process of creating the Kub Kars, which are designed to race down a track.

  Lawn noted Camp Cedarwin donated a portable Kub Kar track to 2nd Cottam Scouts to ensure the internal race could take place, in the future, at Ridgeview Park.   


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