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Pink Fire truck crosses Essex County as a cancer fundraiser

by Adam Gault

A hot pink fire truck, piloted by members of the Amherstburg Fire Department, has been making its way across Essex County in support of a young woman battling an aggressive form of breast cancer.

  Megan Monk, the 27-year-old wife of Amherstburg Fire Department Chief’s Assistant, Dan Monk, was diagnosed with advanced stage triple-negative breast cancer this past August, prompting the Amherstburg Fire Department family to come together to do everything in their power to help with Megan’s fight.

  “Megan’s Mission,” as the combined support and fundraising effort is called, has had members of the fire department shave their heads, in addition to creating the custom paint job for the fire truck, which volunteers from the department have been driving to different locations across the region. 

Members of the public can sign the engine with messages of encouragement, in exchange for a small donation to support Megan, Dan, and their two young children, as they work together in face of this challenge.

  “With the treatment plan, and a four-year-old and a three-month-old at home, Dan had to take time off work as well,” Amherstburg firefighter, Liberty Fallon, said. “It’s pretty amazing, the outpouring of support. Amherstburg Fire Department is a fire family, we’re a really tight-knit group so [we] were just chomping at the bit to help out.”

  The borrowed fire engine underwent an extreme transformation in order to acquire its eye-catching colouring, which first consisted of a five-hour taping job by members of the department, followed by a paint job that is able to be reverted back to its original red at a later date.

  Since completion, the truck has made stops in Amherstburg, Kingsville, Leamington, Harrow, Essex, and Belle River, with members of the Amherstburg Fire Department being absolutely blown away by the shared stories from cancer survivors, and words of encouragement for Megan and her family.

  “The stories that have come out about people’s experience with cancer has been unbelievable,” Fallon said. “It’s been incredible, hearing all the different stories and seeing all the survivors, and support from family members that are signing [the truck] for their loved ones. It’s been overwhelming.”

  Fallon added the Monk family has been incredibly thankful for the community support during these last few difficult months, and that it will go a long way in helping with the road ahead.

“It’s kind of bittersweet; they love the support, but they never expected to need it,” Fallon commented.

  Donations in support of Megan’s Mission can be made online at


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