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Recommendations for Hanlan extension presented at info night

by Sylene Argent

During the second Public Information Centre, held on Wednesday, July 25, interested residents and stakeholders learned what recommendations the consulting firm BTE Engineering were making regarding the future Hanlan Street extension.

  This event followed an information session on the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment and community café, both held earlier this year. At both events, residents and stakeholders voiced their concerns.

Town of Essex initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) Study for the planning and preliminary design of the Hanlan Street Extension from Fairview Avenue West to Gosfield Townline (County Road 23). BTE Engineering is conducting the study.

The study will complete all necessary phases of the Municipal Class EA to receive environmental clearance for construction. It was started as a result of the MTO’s decision to close the intersection at Victoria Avenue and Highway #3. An overpass will eventually be added instead.

Steve Taylor, President of BTE Engineering, shared the technical recommendations with those who attended the meeting. Comments regarding those recommendations were further gathered from members of the public.

Taylor presented the overall plan, which included involvement with the future subdivision development.

The technical recommendations include the installation of a roundabout on Gosfield Townline, where Hanlan would eventually intersect, headed into Essex Centre. This will provide an opportunity to create an aesthetically appeasing gateway to the community.

Another technical recommendation would have Hanlan align along the edge of the existing woodlot, with a multi-use trail snaking through the trees at that edge. The subdivision will also have no houses backing onto the woodlot, which was a protective measure, Taylor said, adding he believes this is the best natural environmental alternative.

  The current intersection at Fairview and Hanlan Street will be straightened out slightly, according to another technical recommendation presented last Wednesday. It is also recommended this intersection feature a raised pedestrian crosswalk across Fairview, which could potentially slow down traffic.

  Through the study, another technical recommendation is to add another roundabout on the future Hanlan extension at the Morton Avenue area. This, Taylor said, should contribute to slower traffic speeds.

The roundabout could offer staff and parents coming out of Holy Name Catholic Elementary School an opportunity to exit the school property headed to the right onto the extension, jog down to the Morton Avenue roundabout, and either head back to Fairview Avenue or continue moving easterly. He said this plan is safer than it is currently.

To catch their buses, students of Holy Name will line up at the North-side of the school. An area will be implemented there for pick-ups and drop-offs.  

  Taylor said he and his team received nothing but positive comments on Wednesday evening. He added the Town of Essex, the School Board, and private developer have worked together on the project.

  The final recommendation will be presented to Council sometime in the fall.

  Information is available under the News and Notices section of the Town of Essex website at


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